SBL base doll
  • SBL base doll


    This item is handcrafted custom Blythe doll. She is a hand-carved, hand-painted customized. She is not factory perfect. Please consider carefully before buying it.


    Base doll Unsure base doll but SBL mold ( I bought the base doll without hair and makeup was removed)

    Body Original Takara Body

    Hair Original scalp from SBL Night Flower


    Work is done,

    All basic craft custom, Makeup with Artist quality colour (Pastel, Acrylic ) Seal with MSC and Humbrol VarnishEye chip, New 4 pair handmade realistically. The price is for the nude doll only.


    Please ask for photos or info. As much as you want before purchase,(After the doll finish) I will not accept return or refund but if you have any problem with the doll please contact and I will help as much as I can.

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    Layaway with a nonrefundable deposit :Choose payment options, and note how many months do you want while purchase or send me an email to ( Nonrefundable mean if you want to cancel will not refund money)



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    Lita Chan