• Cherry



    This item is Custom RBL+ Blythe Cherry Beach Sunset (Photo's will update on 4th Febuary)


    Base doll " Takara Blythe doll Cherie Babette ( RBL+ face type)

    Scalp and Dome : Reroot black alpaca on fake scalp and dome 

    Eyechips :  4 Pairs new eyeship , No sleep eye.

    Body choice : Original , Fake tan Licca or fake tan obitsu  (If you haven't choose by give me some note while purchase  , she will travel on fake tan Licca body)


    Work Done 

    - Carved on Face to make new shape of nose chin and cheek 

    - New makeup with Artist quality colour ( Pastal and Arycliic ) Seal with MSC and Humbrol 



    The item sold as it , I'm not accept refund or return 

    Feel free to concact me at  litachan@familynet.be


    Thank you so much for your visit