Asian Open mouth with teeth


Pre-sale list for Un-Designed only.

This item is handcrafted custom Blythe doll. She will be a hand carved , hand painted customized. She will not factory perfect . Please consider carefully before buying. 

This item will finished soon


Request from the customer : 

Asian girl with open mouth 


Basic info.

  • Base doll  RBL mold
  • Body .... Obitsu
  • Hair .... pale blonde hair (not white or silver)
  • Work will done , All basic custom , Makeup with Artist quality colour ( Pastal , Acrylic ) Seal with MSC and Humbrol Varnish
  • Eyechip , New 4 pair handmade realistic eyechips , light eyes (green, blue, lavender, mixed?)
  • The price is for nude doll only. 


Please ask photo's or info. as much as you want before purchace,(After the doll finish) I will not accept return or refund but if you have any problem with the doll please contact and I will help as much as I can.


Layaway with a non refundable deposit 

Choose payment options , and note how many month do you want while purchase  or send me email at


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Lita Chan