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My 1st BJD doll, a New member of Lita's doll line








Basic Detail

This pre-order is for the nude doll only.

I will give makeup service for free this lot ( basic makeup only) 


The Measurements 
Height: The full doll is tall, about 22.5 cm. 

Eye size: 6-8 mm.

She can wear outfits the same as Ob22.

She needs wig sizes 5-6.

She can wear eyes size 6-8 mm.

Hand and foot joints are magnetic.

She isn't perfect. Some parts adjust manually ( Inside the head, see photo)



Your payment including 

  • Assembled doll

  • A pair of glass eyes (Random colour)


Skin Colour 
White (almost similar to Ob22 white)
Natural (almost similar to Ob22 Natural)
Tan ( almost similar to Blythe Sunshine Holiday body)
Dark Tan ( almost similar to Blythe Miss 20th body) 


Dolls will be ready to ship approximately 3-4 months after the pre-order.


Remark 1: Tan and dark skin possibly have some visible lines from sanding. Some parts may stain, and Skin colour may be uneven.


Remark 2: I'd offer free basic makeup for this lot only if you can wait a bit later on my hand.


Remark 3: I'm sorry if you want to cancel before receiving time; I will take off the 30% fee.


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