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The inspiration for Lita's BJD dolls often comes from unrelated beginnings:

My hobby started with the original Blythe doll. I made and sold clothes for the dolls, driven by a strong passion for them, even though I had no prior knowledge of sewing machines. The goal was to earn money to buy the new Blythe dolls.
It was eventually, selling enough doll clothes allowed for the purchase of multiple original Blythe dolls.
A new desire to have a custom Blythe doll as a store model for my outfit arose, but the high prices were unaffordable then. 
This led to the decision to learn how to customize dolls by myself.
After a while of customizing Blythe dolls, luckily, customers loved them, and they sold even better than the doll clothes.
The tan and dark skin for Blythe's body isn't much choice in the market.
To solve this, BJD bodies were created to make it easier to order and produce matching skin tones for my custom Blythe dolls.
Upon completing the bodies, I wanted an Asian-faced doll that resembled myself. This way, it would feel like having a representative while travelling since I wouldn't say I liked taking pictures of myself. But I love to share the photos.
When Zorina was made, many people inquired about buying her. Surprised by the demand, I decided to give it a try.
The process became enjoyable, leading to the creation of more dolls, one after another.

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